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Archives diciembre 2011

Ride ahead

he, he, he, I’m taking this former Intel slogan used some months ago (leap ahead), “ride ahead” sounded good to start this post. In the picture you can see to Charly in fact, “ride ahead”…

The end of 2011 is near and some of us took a bit to gone and say goodbye to a year of great rides, new starting, and new encounters with friends and paths… This time the sky gifted to us a radiant day, clear and with a sun that could be much heard but in order to it was flirting with the northern winter wind, we didn’t suffer it…. See the picture and verify it

Buddies in the ride, we take the adventure in our forest,
in downhills…

Climbing up …

Crossing the entrails of our dear forest…

Our forest, refuses to perish, it has been here before the man arrived to this land. It is now the moment to do more than just complain in the coffee conversation with the friends or send emails to stop to the people without common sense that want to destroy  the forest only to building his ” Little House on the Prairie”… what for?
Just to see how they are becoming the forest in a desert? 

I hope that the ones that it supposes will protect the forest, starting at least removing the fences than are struggling the animals and plants, who are the real owners of this land.


Bicycles everywhere

I like to see them in the street, and like a good augury for the year that is arising, I see that even before that gifts arrive, there are a lot of bikes in this, my city…
Here is the father and the son, the convincing fact that education (and also de acculturation) starts with the example.

There is the comrade that rides his bike and he goes to bring the clean coat for the tonight party.

And the teenagers, that they are more now, that don’t think too much, take the bike and gone for the groceries to the corner store, well I didn’t ask to this young but I’d like to think that.

Or what about the bike that are part of the business, bikes are the transport, the tent, the publicity, in few words, all in one, that demonstrates how versatile human creation the bike is, and also one of the gentlest one with the environment.

Of course, always will be obstacles, the resistance to the change there is no other thing that the effort to demonstrate that the good thing always will have certain doses of encourage, obstinate good sense, to be able to convince other that is not necessary to destroy the environment to take advantage of its benefits.

At the same time, the new  bike path that shows the obstacles, shows up that we has advanced, there is more kilometers of paths for bike that had been came to the city. Yes, maybe they are no perfect, we need also to promote and more that all, to use them… Are the bit details that we need to attend, but at this moment is time to greeting to ourselves because we are the pioneers so, the ones that are coming after us, will see that we are trying to be better, we want to show up that is possible and if we put all our effort, we’ll be the ones that put the first stone…


Landscapes… uhmmm

Some days ago I was riding close to “The treasure hill”, southern of my city and I faced this really sad view…

In the announce it says: “Landscapes of the Treasure” that hill is called the Treasure Hill… at this moment it is a  dry piece of land…

The most frustrating is that in fact, there will be people that will believe and buy those lands, becoming part of another “eco-cide” in this kind city. This town that in a mirage of a misunderstood of developing is being destroyed itself. .. Instead of at least one of the millions that live here think in reforest this hill, or to create a park for the neighborhood… no, they cut and fall down the last trees in that part, it flattens the land that earth took centuries to create and then next summer with more cement and concrete the temperature will increase till more, in this once flowers’ city.

Some month ago we rode and climbed this hill in bicycle, we challenged ourselves and enjoyed this mountain corner in the city… today simply it will concrete and cartoon boxes surrounded by cars every time slower that will try to transit…
Whatever it cost to plant more trees, to create a jogging trail, get away the automobiles from the environs of the hill