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Endless riding 1

Endless riding

The sun continues to rise, but this morning we have allies. Hundreds of trees are our escort while we shot the rise among the industrious little town of Los Reyes (state of Michoacan, map below) and the little villages of 18 de Marzo, La Palma and Zacán. Over 15 years, others...

Transvolcano 2012… once more time 0

Transvolcano 2012… once more time

Again in the streets of Los Reyes, Michoacán, the colorful stained jerseys of riders coming from other states and the very heart of the Purepecha culture. The friendliness and camaraderie flow to the rhythm of pedaling dozens riders on their bikes, we undertake the challenge to ride the 40 miles between this city and Angahuan village, near the “baby” volcano, Paricutin.  Many of...